Dealing With Household Conflict During COVID-19

Social distancing can give us the chance to spend time with those we live with, but we are doing this in a time of great anxiety – fears of illness, worries about income, exhaustion from caretaking, and uncertainty of what tomorrow will bring. Combined with cabin fever, this can strain relationships with other household members.

Some tips for our Home Providers and Seekers:

1. Be Flexible:  There are many potential solutions to conflict.
2. Have open and respectful communication about things that are bothering you.
3. Calm your negative thoughts and have confidence in your own abilities.
4. Have empathy for your housemate’s concerns, which may be different from you own.
5. Talk about your health concerns.
6. Set a schedule for shared living space
7. Discuss new household rules regarding cleaning.
8. Take time for yourself.
9. Remember:  It’s okay to be human – there’s no shame in the occasional meltdown or argument.
10. Be Forgiving:  Many people react to fear or feeling out of control with anger and conflict. Your housemate is likely feeling the same way you are, and a period of conflict won’t break an otherwise healthy relationship.

If you need help resolving conflict in your match, HomeSharing can help mediate your discussions and create a win-win solution for everyone.