Housemate Cleaning and Self-Isolation Guidelines

Sharing your living space with a roommate is a little different than sharing your living space with family members. Family often spends social time doing the same activities or seeing the same people, whereas roommates living under the same household can have completely different social circles and work environments. We put together some tips and advice for living with roommates that you may otherwise not think of.

• Clean all “high touch” and commonly used surfaces, objects and appliances frequently and at least once a day, such as refrigerator handles, washing machine and dryer knobs, the mailbox, as well as any commonly used lawn equipment, keys or other shared amenities.
• If you share a bathroom, keep cleaning supplies in the bathroom so that you and your roommate can wipe down the sink, faucet and of course the toilet seat and handle after using. It is best to clean up after yourself and leave your roommate with a clean bathroom to use.
• Avoid storing your toothbrushes in the same medicine cabinet.
• Avoid sharing plates, cups, towels and bedding.
• Avoid dipping fingers into commonly used kitchen condiments or snacks.

If someone in your home becomes infected with coronavirus, limit your contact with them as much as possible. Of course, this is easier said than done, so it’s best to come up with a detailed plan for your household before any of your roommates are exposed to the virus. If someone you live with contracts coronavirus, they should try to stay in a specific room as much as possible, away from everyone else who shares the residence.

We hope that all of our HomeSharing Providers and Seekers stay safe and healthy on their journey together!