Recommended Actions, Particularly For Older Individuals

Recommended Actions, Particularly For Older Individuals

Older adults and those with underlying conditions are most at risk for poor outcomes if they contract the coronavirus.

Here are some actions everyone, particularly older individuals, can take:

1.  Stay home!

2.  Keep six (6) feet of distance from others.

3.  Wash your hands frequently with soap and water, or use hand sanitizer.

4.  Disinfect surfaces before and after each use.

5.  Keep your regular medications and other supplies well-stocked.

6.  Use delivery services.

7.  Develop Caregiver Plans: Who can bring you the supplies you need?

8.  Keep regular communication with others about your health and well-being.

Some communities have started wellness check-in calls with their older residents.

9.  Keep up to date on relevant information.

Some recommended sites:  ;

10.  Respond to shared living situations.

Households, like communities, may be multigenerational, with different people at different levels of risk
residing under one roof.  Households, therefore, will need to consider the risks of all its members.

Household Recommendations:

•  Do Not share personal items like food, water bottles, and utensils.

•  Maintain separate rooms and bathrooms, if possible.

•  Designate who, if anyone, will venture out to get needed supplies.

•  Establish cleaning routines, and stick to them.