Seniors & Older Adults: Consider Home Sharing For Support and Assistance

The COVID-19 pandemic causes more problems for older adults than just sickness and death, including the isolation from social distancing; the cancellation of routine services like home health aides, senior centers and adult day care facilities; and increased anxiety and depression. Some have been relying on family to help out; others have no choice but to wait for these services to resume if they do not have family in the area. HomeSharing may be an option for you!

While seniors and those with underlying conditions should isolate themselves from others as much as possible, adding one person to the household may pose less of health risk than hiring an aide who serves many people. Benefits of sharing a home include companionship, someone in the home in case of emergency, help with errands, and additional income.

While it is not possible to know the current or future health status of people who are matched through HomeSharing, seniors and their families can educate themselves about COVID-19, its spread, and appropriately set up household rules to minimize the risk. They must make the decision for themselves whether the benefits from home-sharing outweigh the risks.

Although sharing a home may not be something that people want to do at this time, the current health crisis has highlighted gaps in the care of our most vulnerable citizens. You may want to consider HomeSharing as an option when this crisis is over. Now is a good time to start the process, so that a match can be made quickly when you are ready to share.

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