"The best thing about HomeSharing is that the staff really works to meet your needs with perseverance, but mostly with a loving spirit."
"HomeSharing has been a saving grace, and has given me a home for the last five years."
"Through HomeSharing, I met people I wouldn’t have met and I am not living by myself."
"Because of HomeSharing, I can manage my limited income by living with two other women."
"I lost my job when my company closed and laid off thousands of low-paid employees. HomeSharing found me housing at a reasonable cost."
"I have a roof over my head, and heat and air conditioning when needed."
"It’s rare to find someone you can trust with your most personal thoughts, who won’t be judgmental and who cares and wants to help."
"Thanks HomeSharing, for all of your help. You have been a lifeline for me, and I’m sure for others who have also lost jobs and wages."