The Need for HomeSharing

We have seen an increase in individuals wanting or needing to share their homes, including people who have become
unemployed, older adults, and working parents helping their children with remote learning.

Those who have lost their jobs or have decreased pay due to COVID-19 still have to pay their mortgages and could use
the additional income from sharing. Older adults are lacking companionship, and could use help with shopping, errands
and cleaning, as well as the additional income. Their worried children have been overwhelmed by their new caregiving roles
and could use some respite. Working parents have been similarly stressed by balancing their jobs with the supervision
needed by their children who are learning from home.

Those seeking housing are similarly needy, due to lack of income. Many work in retail, restaurants and service industries,
which are now closed or open at reduced capacity and staffing. By now, much of their limited reserve has run out,
unemployment benefits have been reduced and the moratorium on evictions has been lifted. They are now more anxious
about reducing their costs, given the uncertainty about whether and when they will be employed again.

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