Thank A Veteran! Provide a room. Find a room.

Did you know that one in ten homeless people in America is a veteran?  Studies have shown that veterans are more likely
to be chronically homeless than any other group in America.  Contributing factors include long periods of unemployment, foreclosure, health conditions and poverty.

At the same time, there are many veterans with their own homes who could benefit from some extra income, companionship, the security of having another person in their homes or some assistance with household chores.

For more than 35 years, HomeSharing has been an affordable housing solution that matches “home providers” – those that own a home with a spare room – with “home seekers” – those who need affordable housing.  HomeSharing is an option that can help veterans find a safe, affordable place to live or remain in their homes.

Are you a veteran or know someone who may be interested in our program?  Give our office a call at:  (908) 526-4663
for more information or to learn how to apply.

Our staff consists of trained social workers who remain committed to helping our neighbors in the community find affordable housing during the COVID pandemic safely.