World Day of Social Justice


The World Day of Social Justice is annually observed to acknowledge how social justice affects poverty elimination and social integration. This year’s theme, closing the inequalities gap, is something HomeSharing knows well.

High housing costs are problem for many in New Jersey.  The fair market rent for a two-bedroom apartment, $1,501, is higher than in 46 other states. A family would have to earn $28.86 an hour in order to spend no more than 30% of its income on housing.  That is far more than the state’s $11 minimum wage, which will slowly rise to $15 an hour by 2024.

Through the shared housing model, Home Seekers benefit by finding below market-rate rents in which they can live better on their income. Providers benefit by being able to stay in their homes without leaving the community, utilizing public assistance, or, in the case of older adults, being institutionalized. The local community and government benefit by employees living near their work locations; paying taxes in the local county; by home owners’ continued payment of property taxes; and by a reduction in the need for construction of costly housing units.

When we share, we all have more!