Thank A Veteran! Provide a room. Find a room.

Did you know that one in ten homeless people in America is a veteran?  Studies have shown that veterans are more likely to be chronically homeless than any other group in America.  Contributing factors include long periods of unemployment, foreclosure, health conditions and poverty. At the same time, there are many veterans with their own


The Need for HomeSharing

We have seen an increase in individuals wanting or needing to share their homes, including people who have become unemployed, older adults, and working parents helping their children with remote learning. Those who have lost their jobs or have decreased pay due to COVID-19 still have to pay their mortgages and could use the additional


Need Financial Assistance Maintaining Your Home ?

Do you own a home, and are having a difficult time maintaining it financially?  HomeSharing, Inc. may be able to help! HomeSharing provides a service that is an option for homeowners who have a spare room and are looking for some extra income. We have over 35 years of experience matching homeowners or “Providers”, as


Need Extra Income in Hillsborough, Somerville, Manville, or North Plainfield ?

Got a spare room?  HomeSharing is looking for home “Providers” in the following areas:  Hillsborough, Somerville, Manville, and North Plainfield. The typical provider is an older adult on a fixed income who needs extra money to pay their mortgage or taxes, and/or who may need some help around the house in order to continue living


Happy National Senior Citizens Day !

Happy National Senior Citizen’s Day !  HomeSharing honors and celebrates our senior citizens, today and everyday! If you are a senior in need of an affordable housing solution, HomeSharing may be able to help. Give us a call at  (908) 526-4664  to learn more. Click here  for additional information  and  Here  for client profiles.


Need Emergency Rental Assistance Due To COVID-19 ? Apply Now !

For Somerset County residents needing emergency rental assistance due to loss of income as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, please Click the  Flyer  and  Application Form  here to apply for the Community Development Block Grant Emergency Rental Relief Program (CDBG-CV). Applicants to the program may be eligible for up to 3 months’ rent or


Consider a Home Share for Your Parent

HomeSharing, Inc. provides a service that is an option for aging parents that may be in one or more of the following situations. We match home “Providers” – someone who owns their home, has a spare bedroom and may need a little extra income or help to maintain it –  with home “Seekers” – someone


National Parents Day!

As parents age they develop health issues, many live on a fixed income, they become less able to do the same things around the house that they used to do, and when there’s the loss of one parent, the other is left alone without a companion around the house. The task of finding the right


Happy National Parents Day, July 26!

Parents are the ones in our lives to give us a home. Right from the start, they’ve provided shelter, food and care. As they age, the task of finding them the right place to live becomes daunting. Have you considered a home share arrangement? HomeSharing, Inc., with over 30 years experience, matches homeowners and seekers.


Meet HomeSharing, Inc. Providers, Seekers, and Executives

October 2013 Hear in-depth Provider, Seeker, and HomeSharing Executive testimony (including from Former NJ Governor Christine Todd Whitman) on how our organization can help you attain affordable housing and maintain your current economic status. Click “READ MORE >” below first, then  Play (►)  to view video. (NOTE:  The video above will be played by YouTube, an